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Favorite Sites
arrowbubble.gif Ashland Lightning-By Daniel Endres
Come and experience Mother Nature's powerful force?
Come and amaze yourself at Daniel's web site!
arrowbubble.gif ESPN
All sports all the time, what else can you ask for.
arrowbubble.gif Extreme Kayakers
Extreme Kayakers droping over giant waterfalls
arrowbubble.gif Ford Mustang Enthusiast Resource
If you are as much of a fan as I am you should check out this site. There is news, blog space, and even a store to buy parts, posters, and more.
arrowbubble.gif Friends of the Animal Shelter
Friends with all Animal
arrowbubble.gif goggle
Search the Web
arrowbubble.gif Google News
A place to find the latest news.
arrowbubble.gif Jim Teece Homepage
Want to follow Jim Teece's Life? Click here to see what Jim and his family are up to.
arrowbubble.gif Jim's Cool Site
Jim looks like darth maul
arrowbubble.gif Ken Royce Photography
Purchase photos of SOU sotball
arrowbubble.gif Local News
Medford paper
arrowbubble.gif Ninjai: The Little Ninja
A really cool flash animation site. Ninjai: The Little Ninja is an action packed cartoon about a little ninja. Sword battles with demons and ninja warriors are what this animation are about. I would tell you more but I don't want to ruin it. There are also some cool shockwave games on the site that are based on Ninjai. You can play for free. If you have some time, check it out.
arrowbubble.gif ODOT ROad Cam
Check out this fun site.
All the information you need know about the Oregon Football League and more...
arrowbubble.gif Rogue Warriors
The warriors official site.
arrowbubble.gif Rogue Warriors Homepage
arrowbubble.gif SK8GAURD
arrowbubble.gif Sk8guard
arrowbubble.gif Sk8GUARD
SK8GUARD can solve the issues about skateboard!! It's easy, cost effective and is a great comprise for allowing youth to ride their skateboard as another form of environmentally friendly transportation.
arrowbubble.gif Sk8guard
arrowbubble.gif SK8GUARD
Bike racks are everywhere. Now with the increasing popularity of skateboarding, skate racks are necessary. Guard your board with SK8GUARD.
arrowbubble.gif Ska8guard
This is a local company with a great idea!!
arrowbubble.gif Southern Oregon Univ. Softball
Access any information about SOU softball (Stats, game days, team roster...)
arrowbubble.gif Southern Oregon University
Southern Oregon University
arrowbubble.gif Southern Oregon University
A great college in small town Ashland, Oregon.
arrowbubble.gif Surf Info Oregon
Take a look at oregon surf.
arrowbubble.gif SK8Guard Survey
Please Take the SK8Guard Survey
arrowbubble.gif SK8Guard Survey
Take the SK8Guard Survey Today!
Non-Profit Site
arrowbubble.gif Arts Council of Southern Oregon
For more than 25 years, the Arts Council of Southern Oregon has been serving the citizens of Jackson and Josephine Counties by promoting all the arts and sponsoring the finest arts enrichment programs in their area.
arrowbubble.gif Committed Alliance to Strays (C.A.T. S)
arrowbubble.gif ESPN
arrowbubble.gif FOTAS
arrowbubble.gif Friends of the Animal Shelter (F.O.T.A.S)
arrowbubble.gif Google
arrowbubble.gif Jackson County Animal Care & Control Center
arrowbubble.gif Los Ninso Hotel
A non-profit hotel in Cusco, Peru that helps street kids!
arrowbubble.gif Memebership
arrowbubble.gif Mt. Ashland
Home page for Mt. Ashland (Ashland, OR)
arrowbubble.gif Mt. Ashland Ski Patrol
arrowbubble.gif Mt.Ashland Ski Park
The Mt. Ashland Ski Area is nestled in the magnificent Siskiyou Mountains, the alpine gateway to the Pacific Northwest. Mt. Ashland is conveniently located halfway between San Francisco and Portland; just 8 miles off Interstate 5. There is an annual snowfall of over 300 inches; plenty of snow for powder hounds and plenty of sun all winter long. The ski area has 23 trails in addition to chute skiing in a glacial cirque called the 'bowl'. The mountain, the people, and the quaint City of Ashland make a winning combination.
arrowbubble.gif Oregon Football Team Standings
Season scores and standings for all Oregon Football League Teams
arrowbubble.gif RelayForLife
Relay for Life Ashland, OR June 4-5, 2005
arrowbubble.gif Rogue River Greenway
arrowbubble.gif Science Works Museum
Thsi is the non-profit Jim and Daniel are currently working with to improve their Web site.
arrowbubble.gif SOU Athletics
arrowbubble.gif Support Mt. Ashland's Ski Patrol
arrowbubble.gif Wildlife Images
Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center was founded as a non-profit corporation in 1981 to provide for the care and treatment of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife, and offer educational programs on wildlife, conservation and the environment to schools, organizations and the general public.
Required Sites
arrowbubble.gif Sk8guard
arrowbubble.gif Sk8guard
Travel Sites
arrowbubble.gif CityOfAshland
City of Ashland, Oregon
arrowbubble.gif Today in Ashland
arrowbubble.gif TravelOregon - The States official travel guide

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