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Welcome to the SK8Guard Survey Page

Hello and thanks for taking part in this survey.  My name is Daniel Endres and I am a Business Marketing student at Southern Oregon University's School of Business.

The purpose of this survey is to gather information regarding SK8Guard, which is a small business located here in Ashland, Oregon who make free-standing "racks" to securely lock up skateboards.

Please take a few minutes to check out and then return to this site and answer a couple of questions regarding how skateboarders store their skateboards in or around public buildings, such as schools, libraries, or even shopping malls.

Thanks in advance for your participation

What is the name of your school?
* What City or Town do you live in?
* What State is Do you live in?
* Do you own or ride a skateboard?
Yes I own and ride often Yes I own but don't ride often No I use other transportation No way I'm too old 
* Have you ever heard of SK8Guard before today?
Yes No 
If you answered YES to the question above, how did you hear about SK8Guard?
* What is your primary ,mode of transportation?
* What is Your Secondary Mode of Transportation?
* Does your school or your child's school currently allow students to bring their skateboards on campus?
Yes No I'm not sure 
* Does your school or your child's school have a SK8Guard?
Yes No Not Sure 
* If your school or local library installed a SK8Guard, do you think skateboarders would use it?
Very Likely Likely Somewhat Likely Not Likely Definitely Not 
* Do you feel that skateboarders should have a place to secure their skateboards just as bicycle riders currently do?
Yes No I don't know how I feel 
Can you list other places that might take advantage of having SK8Guards installed? (example; Libraries, Malls, Movie Theatres, Etc.)
In your opinion, what company makes the coolest looking padlock that is easy to carry with you.
* Please put other comments, suggestions, or concerns here:
* In your opinion, how can SK8Guard improve this product?

If you would like to send Daniel any further comments, you can email him at

Thanks and have a great day!


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