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Your Interest in a Multi-Day Bicycling Event in the Rogue Valley

Thank you for your interest in our survey. This survey is being cunducted by students from Southern Oregon University. We are working with a local Cycling shop to organize a multi-day cycling event in the Rogue Valley. Your input is appriciated.
* Where are you from? 
Have you visited the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon?Yes No 
If you answerd yes to the above question could you explain the purpose of your visit? 
* Have you participated in an organized cycling event?Yes No 
If you answered yes to the question above could you explain the type of event it was and who put on the event? 
* Do you belong to a cycling club or organization?Yes No 
If you answered yes to the above question, has your club or organization ever put on a organized cycling event? If so could you explain what type of event and what made it a success? 
* Are you more drawn to an event do to its location, style of the event or the cause the event is supporting?Location Style Cause 
* Do you consider cycling to be a family activity for you? Yes No 
* Are you interested in participating in a Multi-day cycling event?Yes No 
* If you were to participate in a multi-day cycling event what would be a comfortable distance for you to ride to enjoy the event? 
* Are you associated with a business that would be interested in sponsering a cycling event?Yes No 
If you answered yes to the question above could you provide the name and contact information for you business? 
* How far are you willing to travle to participate in a cycling event? 
* How much are you willing to pay to participate in a mulitday cycling event? 
* Are you interested in participating in a multi-day cycling event held in the Rogue Valley?Yes No 
If you would like more informaition you can enter your email address here so we can contact you. 
If you know of other people who would be interested in taking this survey put there contact information in the space provided 
Thank you for participating in our survey and we hope to see you at our cycling event. We can be contactd at

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